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Kim Repede
Photo Restoration Artist


Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Kim Repede (re-PED-ee), and I am the owner of PhotoZen. Below is a brief history of my background and some helpful information on how to move forward with your project.

I come from a career in corporate meeting production. During that time, I worked on graphics for print and projection screens, video productions, and website design. Today, I apply the creative skills I developed in that career to my current focus on photo restoration.  

I have restored images dating back to the mid-1800's including albumen prints, cabinet cards and crayon portraits. I can assist you with identifying what type of images you have and the time period of their origin.
In addition to restoring 19th and 20th century images, I can also enhance today's cell phone images. If you are unsure that your photo can be repaired or edited, please feel free to  send me a text, email, or give me a call. I am happy to provide a free phone consulation and estimate.

Please visit the "Send Photos for Restoration" page for more details. 

Thanks again! 
Kim Repede
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