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At PhotoZen we bring damaged photos back to life! Located in Georgetown, Texas, we specialize in restoring photos for archiving, gift giving, birthdays, funerals, and many other events. Use the contact
form below to text or email us with questions.We will respond quickly!  Or give us a call at 

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Restore Family History

High resolution scanning and expert photo restoration of 19th and 20th century images including; cabinet cards, tintypes, crayon portraits, Polaroids and more.

Freshen Up Old Photos

Water damage, tears, cracks, and fading can be repaired. Heavily damaged backgrounds can also be enhanced. Two to three background options are always provided. 


Colorize black and white and sepia images. Colors applied to photos are guaranteed to be accurate to the time period. Two to three color options are provided.

Add Text & Remove Objects

Text can be added to any image. Objects and people can also be removed. Notice the person to the right, and objects on the porch have been removed. This photo was taken with a cell phone camera.

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For a quick estimate please send us an email or text message. We will respond ASAP!

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