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At PhotoZen we bring damaged photos back to life! Located in Georgetown, Texas, we specialize in restoring photos for archiving, gift giving, birthdays, funerals, and many other events. Call us at 512-361-5656. We provide free photo restoration estimates.

Damaged Photograph


High resolution scanning and expert restoration of 19th and 20th century images including; cabinet cards, albumen prints, crayon portraits and more.

Photo Restoration Service
Photo Restoration Service


Expert colorization of black and white and sepia photos.

Photo Restoration Service
Photo Restoration Service

Scanning and Editing

Remove people or objects.

Photo Restoration Service
cell phone sample.jpg

Digital Image Editing

Create portraits from cell phone photos. This man's suit was added in Photoshop.

Cell Phone Photo Editing.jpg

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For a quick estimate please send us an email. We will respond ASAP! 

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